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Rough Spots 

Give me Advil or give me death! *mmmaarrffff*

The move has left me stiff, bumped and bruised. I don't like taking painkillers because I believe that the more you can do without them the better. Ibuprofen is an anti-imflammatory drug though, and Jim says that it -helps- your body when you have tense muscles. Based on that, I -might- take some later on, but right now I think I will just whine about it.

My old landlady with whom I used to have an awesome relationship is behaving rather strangely. She's hostile and looks as though she is trying to get a little more money out of us. Jim thinks it's because she has alot on her mind right now...considering that she has yet to tell her son that she has levelled criminal charges against him. But still, we've been awesome tenants, reliable with the rent and very accomodating. We paid for part of the classified ad when we told her that she had to find another tenant (totally unnecessary) and helped her show the apartment. Even though we moved out on the 3rd, we are going to pay her a week's rent because the new tenant is only going to pay for three weeks (the new tenant is moving in on the 9th). Yet when we asked her to take the week's rent out of the security deposit (half a month's rent) she says that we might owe her more than that.

Well, let's see. Classifieds....that were unnecessarily prolonged because she wasn't quick enough on the buzzer, blinds that my cat scratched up (can't be more than $50) and a week's rent. I think half a month's rent (+ a year's worth of interest) would cover that. Everytime we want to sit down and talk to her about it though, she has to run. It's rather shifty if you ask me. Jim's going to try and talk to her again tonight. I told him to give her whatever she asks for up to $50 just because I still like her and I appreciate that she is going through some rather difficult times right now because her son isn't being all that amazing. She keeps talking about how money is tight for her though and I'm getting rather disgusted. Poor cash planning on her part should not mean that we have to be tight for money either. I'm just wondering why she thinks it's worth making enemies out of us for a bit more moolah. Especially because she is currently studying to become an accountant and I have expressed that I would like her to bookeep for my home business. (I'm a Mary Kay consultant in case anyone was wondering). It's very short term thinking on her part to be hostile at this point in time.

Money aside, I think she knows that Jim is the type of guy that you can easily take advantage of. We spent Sunday cleaning up the unit and to be fair, we have left it cleaner than when it was given to us. It was rather dingy when we moved in (complete with dusty cobwebs) and we removed many stains that were there as a result of faulty plumbing. (i.e. if my landlady had moved faster to repair the faulty plumbing, there wouldn't be those stains, which means those stains are not technically our fault) Also, when we first moved in, the stove was so dirty that when we turned the elements on there would be a musty burning dust smell and the oven was crusted with burnt residue. I've removed all the burnt residue from the oven (a 3 hour proccess mind!) but left the elements with bits of burnt stuff on it. (the burnt stuff doesn't smell, it just requires a soak and a scrub to get rid off).

So, she tells Jim last night (I was at work) to clean the stove. THE NERVE! (Jim obliges and scrubs the burnt stuff off the element wells too!!) She also proceeds to tell him that the unit is still filthy. Honestly, it's much cleaner than when we moved in...I can't believe that she would like us to do more cleaning considering that we spent an entire Sunday making the place look better than when we got it. (when we moved in she was sick and apologised for not having the place cleaner...I wonder if she was this nasty to the last tenant when he/she was moving out and that's why the unit was in such a right state!) Jim's a good guy and point-blank refused to leave the place as we had found it, but he's not a pushover either and is also refusing point-blank to clean anymore. We have better things to do with our weekends thanks.

I'm just feeling rather confused at the moment because my landlady and I have had an awesome relationship. I don't know why she's being like this all of a sudden. Also, if you think about it, discovering her son's theft of our credit card (see the fish blog) is grounds for immediate vacation without any of the nice compensatory things that we have done. *shrug* karmakarma.

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