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Not that this is an original sentiment, but there's something special about Fridays. The anticipation of something earned, and something to be celebrated. I can't wait for when I'm advanced enough along my career path to make Thursdays my Fridays and Tuesdays my Mondays. For now though, I'm extremely content with a two day weekend and plan to take it reeeaaal easy over the next two days. Watching my fish tank, perhaps, hopefully with new fish in it.

On Saturday night Jim will be going out for Magic and it will be the first night that I will have alone in my new place. I think a round of candles and bathtubs and Goo Goo Dolls is in order. Not to mention that there will not be anyone around to tell me to put the cat down because she's obviously pissed off as anyone can tell, because she doesn't like being held. Ha. I'm probably going to knock myself out playing some wicked Sim games that I bought even before I bought the computer too. I'm also making the low-carb chocolate cake tomorrow, which would be quite an adventure. I haven't baked in a while and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. Plus it will be the first time I get to use my 6 inch springform pans!

Then on Sunday is when Jim gets to open all his presents (and have the cake) and then Sunday evening we are having the neighbours over (new futon!) for wings and ice-cream. I'm starting to wonder if this Sunday was the best idea considering that the last episode of Survivor is this Sunday too. It's a three hour blow-out with a two-hour "conclusion" episode then the one hour vote and reunion. Jim says that the worst case scenario would be that we would tape it and then watch it after the neighbours leave. Considering that it's three hours long, I'm not so sure that's the best idea, seeing as how both of us have to work the next day. I don't want the week blown before it has even started.

Guess what came in the mail last night? The Best of John Bellairs. Three books bound as one. I'm more than halfway through the first one and I had to stop reading it because it's preventing me from answering the phone in a timely manner (let alone on the first ring, which is what I'm supposed to do). I think after I finish penning this entry I will start reading it again though. It's killing me thinking about the story and knowing how close I am to the climax/conclusion. The only problem is that I don't want to finish all three books the day after I received them. That's my biggest gripe about buying books, that in terms of hours of entertainment, I get severely ripped off because of how fast I read. (I can finish all the Harry Potter books written to date in a day) Then again, I'm not going to gripe about the fact that I read fast, because it sure comes in handy with those university course readings.

On a completely different topic, coffee and tea is best without sugar and with a tablespoon (not that titchy teaspoon) of whipping cream (33%). I'm on Atkins so fat content is not a large issue. I did some research before I decided to launch on this diet, and it seems to make much more sense than low-fat diets. I'm starting to see results, not dramatic results like those featured in the "success stories" section, but it sure beats not losing any weight. It's also deceptively easy to maintain a low-carb diet. The only drawback is having to be really careful when eating out. I digress. Right now I'm sitting at my station sipping a hot cup of strong, aromatic coffee with whipping cream in it. It's soothing, it's calming and it's certainly starting to wind me down. The perfect setup for a weekend.

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