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Rhapsody in Pumpkin 

I'm not surprised that we brought Pumpkin home. In the back of my mind somewhere I knew that once we were both playing with him knowing that we had the option to bring him home we would. I'm talking to Jim online right now, because he took the day off work to take the Career Placement Test. Apparently Pumpkin is going to the bathroom all over the place. He's a litter trained kitten, but it looks like he doesn't recognize the litter pan that we have set up for him as a litter pan. (It's really just a shoebox lid with litter in it) I'm not too worried about it because I know for a fact that he knows how to use the litter. The main thing now is getting a litter box that he will recognize. We cannot get him into the habit of pissing all over the place.

Jim's not thrilled with the name Pumpkin so I'm welcoming cat name suggestions. So far from starting a post on Neopets I've gotten one good suggestion (not that I expected any more than that): Rhapsody. My only concern is that it's not a very masculine name. Rhapsody has started me thinking along the lines of something musical, which is always nice. Jim's idea is to find "cat" in as many different languages as we can and find one that sounds good. It -would- be amusing two have two cats whose names mean "cat" in some language. (Gato is Spanish for cat) The only problem with that is that I haven't yet found "cat" in a language that I like. (Not like the language but the sound of the word as a name)

On a heavier note, there's been a schedule shuffle at my work. Next week I'm getting one less shift and I have to work the whole long weekend. I'm really depressed, I was looking forward to having that time to spend with Jimmy. I just hope that I get my weekends back soon. It really helps me recharge and refocus for the upcoming week. Plus there are obligations like housework when I'm home alone. Granted I don't often fufil those obligations but shirking them just makes me feel guilty and irresponsible. On the flip side, it might mean that our house will be better kept. Not much of a consolation though. We've been able to keep the place better looking than we ever were able to with the last place.

I can't help but feel paranoid about this whole change. I've been a regular Mon-Fri for about a month now. The paranoia stems from the fact that I brought up the whole Overtime Issue. I'm wondering if I'm getting subversively punished for bringing up the issue of more money. This isn't the kind of company, but then again I really haven't been around long enough to know for sure. I actually asked Jen why I was suddenly working weekends and she said that it was time to switch it around a little to make it fair. No one said anything about "shaking up the schedule" and indeed I'm the only one who made the move from weekdays to weekends. (no weekend people were moved to weekday, besides, all the weekend people are people who asked for weekends) Lisa had a good point though. I really should wait for the next few week's schedules to come out before I start spinning conspiracy theories, but I'm sure it's perfectly human to think the way I'm thinking.

The whole thing got resolved yesterday and after all the math worked out I am entitled to 2 hours of overtime after working 104 hours in a pay period (16 days). I checked the math and I couldn't find anything wrong with the calculations but it still doesn't quite seem to be right, you know what I mean? However hard I tried though I couldn't find anything wrong with the calculations. On the other hand it's not like I could have taken the sheet and started scrutinizing it right then and there. To be fair, this company hasn't started making money yet (break even target is this September) and I know that we are barely making payroll so I don't want to make that much noise about it. I just sincerely hope that I'm not being paranoid about this whole thing and that I've been moved to weekends because I did specify that in my availability and because for now they need me there and I'm the best person in that slot. I'd hate to think I was being "punished".

I know several lawyers who are our clients who acutally prosecute cases like this...hmm...

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