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This is Your Future 

So Jim went to get his Career Aptitude Test Results yesterday and one of the things that he scored highly on was "Plumber". Not that there's anything wrong with that, he also did well on "Radiologist", "Audiologist/Speech Language Pathologist" (which are two very different careers, I'm pursuing the latter!) and "Chef". Looking at the range it seems like they just kinda told him that he'd be pretty much good at anything. Not quite. I sat with him as the career counsellor explained the results. It made me really curious about what my results would be like. I'm not sure I want to spend $140 to find out, but we'll see how my Mary Kay business goes and I might just go for it.

I'm just worried that the results will come back and tell me that I will make a terrible Speech Language Pathologist.

On a completely different note, we rented Scary Movie 3 to watch last night. I would recommend it to anyone. There are for sure some parts in the film that you are not sure you should be laughing at, but there's the fun of it I guess. Get the DVD version because there's the alternate ending, which adds quite a bit to the movie. You can tell why they used the ending they did for theatres, but the alternate ending is very enjoyable to watch all the same. As I was googling for the link to the Scary Movie 3 website, I noticed this. I wonder if it's really as legal as it says it is. If any of you out there is going to try it, please let me know. Looks like something I might want to get into.

Jim and I have been having a little trouble getting back on the Atkins diet. Our little foray into the forbidden has become a week-long hedonistic culinary adventure. Well, that's overstating it a little. We've just been having alot of Tim Horton's doughnuts and Tim Bits as well as various foods made out of potatoes. Of course we were also having the requisite bulk candy from The Real Canadian Superstore which oddly enough doesn't seem to have an official webpage. Oh well, they have relatively cheap gas and they give you 3.5cents back in Superbucks for every litre that you pump. Beats paying what the other gas stations are charging. We hope to be back on track by Monday. We also hope that we have not gained back all/more of the weight that we had lost while we were being good. To be honest, the Atkins diet is the easiest diet I have ever been on, also the most effective. The only thing is that Induction is rather limiting and high carb foods are much cheaper than the alternative. Not to mention all the convenience foods are high carb (and the low-carb versions of them are expensive and not too advanced in the taste department). Couple of things that will NEVER be allowed on Atkins are my ultimate comfort foods: Congee and Instant Noodles. I had instant noodles last night. Boy was it good. If any one tries to tell you that instant noodles and avocadoes don't go together, you can give them a swift kick in the groin and laugh while they are on the ground hurting.

On another completely unlrelated topic, the Canadian government's student services branch has granted me $9350 towards my education in the coming school year. It's not a scholarship, it's a loan which won't accrue interest until six months after I graduate. I have to be really careful with the loan considering that grads are now carrying more debt than ever before, and having more trouble paying it off due to an iffy job market. Scary job market out there right now. I just hope that it's not going to last.

One more thing. The more astute among you will realise that there's something different about my blog. Tell me what you think. I haven't enabled commenting for nothing you know.

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