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Chicken Porridge & Cucumber Sandwiches 

Yesterday I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. I really didn't think twice about it until later in the afternoon I started to ache everywhere with a killer headache to boot. By night time I was a quivering wreck, barely able to stand up by myself with a pretty high fever. Looks to be the flu because while I'm feeling better now I still have a sore throat and a mightily stuffed nose. All I've been eating are cucumber sandwiches and chicken porridge. This time with real white rice, not like the last time when I was assuming that I would resume the Atkins diet (therefore buying a box of Uncle Ben's 5 min Rice so that there wouldn't be any leftover).

My Grandma called last night. That's always nice, I really like talking to her. She can be so cute at times. The standard procedure for our conversations is her asking me if I've eaten. Then what I've eaten/plan to eat. Then she will tell me about the new "dangerous food" (like in the case of Mad Cow Disease it was beef..) and tell me to avoid it. This time was different though. She started telling me about a disease that was worse than SARs that was making the rounds in Montreal. So when she asked me how I was feeling I wasn't going to gamble on her knowledge of Canadian geography and just said that I was fine. I looked it up though and this Superbug is nothing like the flu. It's more like virulent diarrhea. Good to know.

If you've never tried cucumber sandwiches you must. The cucumbers must be sliced very thinly. Almost so thin that you can see through them. The bread must be white bread (Wonder Bread if you can get it) with the crusts taken off. Jimmy tells me that Wonder Bread is toxic, but I say if it tastes good, go with it. Just a tip on making crustless sandwiches, make the sandwich with the crusts on before you cut them off, that way all the good stuff goes right to the edges. (Tip courtesy of Jimmy) On one slice of bread spread it thinly (thinly!) with butter. On the other slice, spread it thinly (thinly!) with Litehouse Dill dressing (or butter and then sprinkle it with dill). Arrange the cucumber slices so that they slightly overlap each other. Voila! The most refreshing sandwiches you will ever have. Not to mention if your throat is sore, this is just about the most amazing thing in the world. (Cucumbers are so good for a sore throat)

I'm going to spend the rest of the day feeling punk and revelling in it. Sure I'll do my homework and go for class and all, but I'm not going to do it all that willingly. Homework is easy this week, seeing as how when I was trying to complete this course last summer I already did all the work, so it's as if I've already got my first draft down and now I just have to hand in a polished version. What scares me is that the final exam is next Wednesday and there is so much of the course left to cover in class. I really want to just get a doctor's note and fuck this class but I just don't dare. The reason I didn't take the exam last summer when it was offered to me is because I didn't attend the classes and didn't trust that I had it all figured out by myself. I was right too, while I -had- a very good concept of the material I had no idea how to answer questions the way the prof wants me to. She's the "show all your working" kind of prof and when that happens, you best be sure that you know how she wants to see your working.

It sounds like my chicken porridge is ready so I'll end the blog here. Be grateful. I have much ranting left in me.

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