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The past week has been a week of Firsts, which have occupied me to no end but have also made it a rather interesting time.

To kick it off, Saturday was the first time Jonathan watched a movie at my house. If this doesn't seem like such a big deal to any of you out there then you might need to know that Jonathan is not supposed to know anything about me. He's not supposed to know what I do, where I live, what my phone number is nothing. Yet when Mom took Auntie Shirley and Uncle Peter up to Kelowna (with a complaining Isaac) last week to vacation in their vacation home (more on this later) Jonathan came over and watched The Girl Next Door. I thought that it would be a comedy along the lines of Eurotrip which is riotously funny and which I strongly recommend. It wasn't, it was more a chick flick than anything else with not very many exposed boobs. I counted two, I think there might've been only one though. A lame chick flick with too many plot holes and a handful of attempted jokes. It didn't matter, the important thing was the company. Jon was very disappointed about the lack of nipples, but I'm sure that he enjoyed the time here.

So. I can't believe that my parents have a vacation home in Kelowna. Kelowna is like this little resort town that people like to retire in. It's beautiful and apparently this piece of property that they own has a view of the water and mountains. This wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the fact that for the past while (since we moved here at least) my dad keeps telling me how money is tight and my mother keeps cautioning me to save money. I've always been sensible with money. You will never catch me wearing/sporting/carrying/toting/etc. anything designer. I do not buy new things for myself every other day (more like every six months or so, if I think whatever I'm getting is worth the price). I do not eat out at expensive restaurants. In fact, I don't engage in any activities that even come close to justifying the cautions that my parents ply on me with regards to how I manage money. Even so, I get into trouble when my dad imagines what I do with my money as he secretly monitors my activities through the online banking system (quick guess why I moved out). You know, if he only asked me where my money was going I would have told him the truth considering that most major purchases involved school textbooks or prescription sunglasses that helped me deal with my headaches. I digress. The point that I'm trying to make is that I'm royally pissed off that I have been getting so much shit for not being sensible with my money when they've been switching cars and buying vacation homes. They've got frigging money to burn. My dad's a frigging senior partner in a frigging successful law firm for crying out loud. I wouldn't be this miffed if I wasn't getting loads of grief for my non-existent money wasting.

Two days ago was the first day of school for me. I was getting so excited about it in the weeks leading up to it. I love school especially now that I'm starting third year and finally getting into the more detailed, technical aspects of Speech Sciences. Not to mention I'm also taking some lower-level Psychology courses (which are always interesting) that happen to be degree requisites that I overlooked in previous years. It felt so good ot be back at school after taking a year off for co-op with BC Hydro. Not to mention I kinda missed all the guys down at the club. They're really a loveable bunch of geeks at the end of the day. Turns out that the Ubyssey (campus newspaper) wants to do an article on gamers. We're all really suspicious because we're pretty sure that they're going to make us out to be the stereotypical bespectacled, no-social-skills, tanned only by fluorescent lighting group of people. I'm considering making a "Don't talk to anyone from the Ubyssey" sign for the club room.

Today is another first. It'll be the first time I can tell people I'm 20. *grin* But because it's also the first time I'm working at my new permanent location (Coquitlam) I really don't have a birthday. Oh well, I was saving it to celebrate on the weekend anyway.

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