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The Weather Outside 

Seems like Winter's already here. Last night there was some snowfall in the parts of the Lower Mainland that were at a higher elevation. Thankfully I didn't have to drive through any of it. I have mixed feelings about snow. I think it's pretty, and I had fun last year making my 7ft snowman. On the other hand, I'd be just as happy if not more if I spent the whole year where the temperatures never dipped below 20°C and I never had to walk through the crunchy, slippery stuff.

I don't think I'm going to get any snow near where I live this year anyway. Unlike where I was living last year, my part of town is at such a low elevation that typically we're at least 1°C warmer than the rest of the Lower Mainland and it doesn't usually snow around here (apparently last year was some sort of anomaly). Which means that I'm looking forward to a winter of cold wet rain. Charming. Right now I'm wondering why I'm not in Mexico. Or Singapore, for that matter. I much prefer a monsoon to this undecisive slick.

On a completely different note, I went for Fish and Chips with Jim and his Dad on Saturday night. My favourite Fish and Chips shop has gone out of business (I cannot understand why, but my heart is broken nonetheless) but we found another one. The food is not as good, but it's still very palatable with a nicer environment then my favourite one. It was such a blast. It's nice to hang out with people with whom you don't have to guard yourself against. We had a very interesting conversation too, but I don't think the topic was of any import. Jim was getting progressively drunker throughout the night (I had to drive and Jim's dad doesn't drink anyway) so that was fun too. He kept bringing up hilarious tangents that just maintained the fun.

After that meal I thought that I would be doomed to craving Fish and Chips for several more weeks. I still wouldn't say no to another Fish and Chips meal, but my cravings were blasted out of the water by Nando's flame grilled chicken. Apparently there are Nando's in five different continents internationally. I had no idea that this joint was so huge when I brought in two coupons for a free half chicken with purchase of half a chicken and a regular side dish last night. Their chicken is oh so good. I sincerely doubt that I've ever had such good chicken from a restuarant (my grandad makes pretty good chicken, so does Jimmy and so do I) and I'm prepared to say that this chicken is certainly giving the homecooked varieties that I've had a run for my money. I'm actually gnawing on a few leftover pieces from last night as I type. I don't think much of their Peri-Peri sauce though. This stuff goes much better with sweet chilli sauce. Mmmmmm....chicken....

Speaking of things that I'm doing as I'm typing this entry. Right now I'm ploughing through a table that lists muscles and movements (and the innervation of said muscles) that are active for the production of the short sentence "Don spills.", with the stress on the second word. The silver lining to this assignment is that the professor has narrowed the scope to just 27 different muscles that are important for speech, otherwise this could become even more tedious than it already is. I'm surprised that an assigment of this magnitude is due this late in the term. This Friday would be the last day of classes for the term and my first exam lies in wait next Tuesday.

It's hard to believe how close I am to the end of term. I see it as a milestone of sorts, considering that this would mark the first time I'm working and going to school full time. I was just thinking the other day that completing this term will be knowing that I can do this. Although I never said anything to anyone I was worried that I would not be able to juggle school and work (and all the other responsibilities associated with living on my own).. I've fared alright so far, and since University is really only a series of school terms, well, looks like it's going to be alright. Phew.

Being this close to the end of term also means that Christmas is coming soon. I have to admit that this year I've really dropped the ball on Christmas. I haven't sent out a single Christmas card (and I'm seriously considering sending out "Welcome to 2005" cards instead) and quite apart from not having any Christmas shopping done, I don't even know what I'm going to get for the people I'm giving gifts to. To make everything worse, Jim already knows what he's going to get me. Guilt Trip! Then again, I have been rather explicit in asking for what I want this Christmas (see sidebar) so it's not like his job has been too difficult. I think Jimmy's Christmas this year will not contain a single original gift. Just stuff that I know he wants (new boxers, socks, the special edition Shawshank Redepmtion DVD, an electric razor). I'm just thinking that these gifts are so mundane and require so little thought on my part that it's almost like the proverbial food processor (you know that story about the husband who had to sleep in the dog house because he bought his wife a food processor for their anniversary).

Usually having completed all the relevant Christmas tasks by the time snow starts to threaten the Lower Mainland, I think I might be among the throngs of panicked shoppers begging mall proprieters to stay open for that one more minute in hopes that that elusive gift for that hard to buy person is just one more forage away this year.

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