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I like showing guests around town, especially when it comes to bringing them to my favourite places. No prizes then for guessing that yesterday Jim and I brought Lisa and David to the Aquarium and then out for dinner at Samba the Brazillian restuarant where you are presented with various cuts of meat on swords.

The Aquarium was packed with people. Swarming more like. I really don't like crowds and my dislike is probably more than anyone expects of me. I had visions of holding a semi-automatic and finally getting the place to myself. Really, I'm not that destructive. All I was planning to do, had I a semi-automatic, was to shoot that annoying kid that keeps trying to edge between me and/or my cohorts and the glass of a fish tank. Of course being careful not to damage the fish tank in any way. Once that one kid goes down, I'll bet people will notice that I'm armed and that I'm prepared to use my weapon. Then they'll all clear out. It's like that stupid riddle about the dozen birds in the bush. How many are left if you shoot one bird? Zero. No one is stupid to stick around. Then again, if there are still people who are stupid enough to stick around, then hey. I have a loaded weapon. Bear in mind that throughout this fantasy I was always mindful of the effects bullets have on fishtank glass and I was being careful in my planning so that a richochet won't leave any marine life floundering. Heh. Floundering. Geddit? Heh.

Crowds aside, it was still very nice to be at the Vancouver Aquarium. We're going to call Member Services to see if we can get our two free adult passes replaced because they were lost with Jim's wallet. If we can, then we're bring our guests back on a school day so we wouldn't be subject to all that mayhem, mayhem, mayhem.

The dinner was great as usual. It was too bad that none of us lasted very long at the buffet but the food was still really good and the atmosphere was hard to beat. I like the two guys on guitar who sing during dinner. The four of us took to swaying to the music at our tables. I don't think anyone else saw us, but if they did, it's not like we care too much anyway. Swaying, laughing, cracking loud and rather offensive jokes. I guess we really weren't bothering the other patrons too much because it's not like we were thrown out or anything. Our server was even trying to convince us to stay for dessert. I doubt any of us at that point could even being to contemplate any more food. What we could think about though was booze.

Ah booze. We had a small worry though. Considering how racucous we were with a 0% blood alcohol level we were concerned that perhaps we might become really boring people with a drink in us. Still, that didn't stop us from buying enough alcohol that I'm wary of posting our final bill for fear of reprisal from some of the people who read my blog. Hee hee.

I tried Vodka for the first time in my life. I never liked it in chocolates so I figured that I wouldn't like it in a drink. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I bought Absolut Vanilla and Smirnoff Raspberry. Both are great in Coke and on the rocks. I also managed to get another free Barcardi glass because my last one broke. It's a cheap glass but I'm a real sucker for the free gifts that come with alcohol. At the very least it's an excuse to buy more rum. We have resolved to play drinking games every night that we don't have to wake up to school/work/some other important thing early the next morning. I hear my liver starting to whine, but I'm ignoring it.

On the next episode of Lisa and David visit Jim and Joie: Science World (or some other tourist attraction).

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