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*With Brushing 

This post is brought to you by the new Aquafresh Extreme Clean Whitening toothpaste. It's unique foaming action showers your whole mouth for an extreme feeling clean. As you brush, Extreme Clean bursts into rich Micro-Active foam which seeks out hard-to-reach places, leaving your mouth with a cool tingling sensation that lasts.

My version of the product also whitens your teeth. As I was brushing my teeth on Thursday night, after watching really good installments of Survivor and The Apprentice I decided to read the back of my toothpaste whilst brushing. I love Aquafresh. It was the only toothpaste growing up that made me feel like my teeth were clean after I used it. It also came in three colours back then, which to me was proof that it worked. I mean those plain white toothpastes couldn't possible hold a candle to the combined action of three, count it three different coloured...things...yeah. Well. It made sense to me back then, and I knew my mouth felt better for that green red and white.

See. I stopped using Aquafresh because for the most part, my grandparents were the ones who used it. My parents bought the inferior kind. The only opportunities I had to use Aquafresh was when I stayed over with my grandparents. When I moved out on my own, to cut costs, I was still nicking toothpaste from my parents, so still no Aquafresh. Finally, when It came to the point where I was no longer talking to my parents (and was thus cut off from my own supply of Crest Kid's toothpaste - a product that tasted horrible and was there as a result of the fact that my dad doesn't read labels when he goes grocery shopping) Crest came out with new Whitening Expressions in exciting flavours like Cinnamon Rush and Ctirus Breeze. (The last season of the Apprentice featured a challenge where the candidates had to promote the new flavour: Vanilla Mint. It has yet to hit stores here) These flavours intriguied me. Plus, they were endorsed by Emeril Lagasse himself. Now I think his show is insipid, but hey, can you get your toothpaste to be endorsed by a celebrity chef (or any chef for that matter)?

So I had to try it. I mean Crest Whitening Expressions toothpaste was beyond cool. It came in a jazzy space-age tube (you know, all metallic and the like) or a gel in a cute little stunted squeeze bottle. I have never, never had toothpaste in that little gel-squeeze bottle because the only toothpaste in that kind of packaging before now was Colgate and I can't use Colgate toothpastes. The reason I can't use Colgate is a very good one and I think all of you should pay attention and listen up. You know those ulcers that you get in your mouth, the kind that only the foul tasting Watermelon Powder (which due to its high levels of mercury can now only be sold in China) can get rid of? People here call them canker sores. Those ulcers can be caused by high levels of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), an agent found in shampoos and some toothpastes as a foaming agent. SLS has a drying effect on oral tissues making them more susceptable to ulcers. It doesn't affect everyone, but if you find that you are someone who always gets ulcers, you might want to toss out your Colgate and switch to something else. Like Aquafresh.

So anyway. I've just run out of Crest Whitening Expressions Citrus Breeze toothpaste. Having satisfied my curiousity both for the unique flavour as well as the cute squeeze bottle I decided to go back to my Aquafresh. Now that I am finally able to make my own decisions regarding toothpaste there is no more reason that I should not be using the one that makes me feel the best about my teeth brushing. Jim bought the other two available flavours of Crest Whitening Expressions in gel because his curiousity is insatiable but I caught him using my toothpaste the other day. I think it's the snazzy space-age metallic squeeze tube that attracted him to my Aquafresh. These days there are only two colours in my Aquafresh. Orange and White. That's okay though, because today's Aquafresh does so much more than it used to when it was still exclusively available in that triad of colours. While brushing my teeth, I decided to read the back o fmy tube to catch up on all the developments that I missed while I was being the prodigal toothbrusher.

This is when I nearly choked on all that Micro-Active foaming action. There's a sentence that says "Aquafresh® Extreme Clean™ PowerWhite also gently whitens your teeth*". I glance quickly down looking for the asterisk. Here it is:

"*With brushing"

Oh great! With brushing! Thanks for clearing that up Aquafresh. Now I can stop worshipping the toothpaste before bed in hopes that it will gently whiten my teeth.

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