Wednesday, April 27, 2005 ______________________________________________________________________________

It's OOOOOOOOOveeeeeeeeer! 

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire.

I am done done done done done with this term. Done with this term! Done with this term! Done. Done. Done...

Gosh and to think that all of this madness will resume May 9th 2005, while I've got a full time job at Bateson's lab. The summer term should prove interesting.

So the real question now is why the hell am I doing summer courses? I mean I certainly think it better to take some time off, unless there's a really really good reason for a reduced course load next term and a guaranteed on-time graduation...

Good Question.

Well for the first point, I'm really anticipating being an undergrad TA for Ling 100. A reduced course load in that case is absolutely essential, because the workload for a TA (a paid 12 hours a week, a further possible dozen unpaid) come up to another full course. Plus, I might find out next year that I really must take one more course to graduate, and having a reduced course load means that I have the space to take that one more course.

This all seems to be a scramble to graduate on time. Where's this drive coming from?

That's another Good Question.

Truth is, next year April is when I promised my grandma I'd graduate. That's certainly not an unrealistic estimate, but I'm taking pains to make sure that this is really going to happen. There are too many horror stories of people who are absolutely on track to graduation and turn out that they're missing ONE course, or something like that.

Well...but...if I don't graduate on time, my grandma, being in Singapore...well, how would she know?

Good Question.

I'm going to Singapore in the summer after my graduation and she made me promise to bring lots of pictures of my graduation ceremony. Yah. No shit.

This is the official announcement. Jim and I are coming to Singapore next May at an airport near you.

I know I must've said I was coming home dozens of times since I moved here. Truth is, I was merely passing on information that my Dad was giving me. You know, he said I would get to go back to Singapore. But you know, you really should never trust a lawyer. They're so good that you believe them even though the last ten promises they made didn't materialize.

This is different. This time I'm not waiting for my dad to "allow" me to go to Singapore. I have much more reliable support systems in place. This is my promise, not my father's. This being the case, I expect a welcoming committee upon touch down. Those of you who read my blog should contact those who don't and congregate around the appropriate gate (flight details to be made public at a later time). You guys have a whole year to pull this off. Don't drop the ball now, alright?

I expect to be in Singapore for about two months. I also expect to visit Malaysia or Thailand while I'm there.

Uh oh. I feel another Good Question coming up. So how does a girl who works on the weekends and a guy who assembles hydraulic helm pumps afford to take two months out of their lives and go to some exotic location? (heh, the people here really think Singapore is an exotic location...) What about their committments? Their jobs? Their apartment? THEIR CATS?!

Well, that's where you, my good reader, comes into the picture. You see that bar on the right which contains the more permanent features of this blog? You know, the sidebar with the random pictures, the links to my friends' blogs, the tagboard, the rotating features. Yeah that sidebar. Now look close to the bottom. You see that Paypal button? *nod nod*. Now if you press that button, you will be taken to a place where you will have the opportunity to donate $5 CAN to the Joie and Jim Singapore fund. Now if you donate $5/week, you will have contributed $250 by the time we have leave here. If that's a little too much, $5/month still adds up to $60, and there's a good chance we'll spend that $60 on you when we come to Singapore. Awww...don't you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Worried that if the fund doesn't get big enough we can't come? Don't. Like I said before, we have really good support systems in place and most things are taken care of. We are saving up for it ourselves and Jim's working 1-2 hours of overtime four days a week and saving that time to take off. So some things are in order. Your donations will just help make things a little easier for us. You know you wanna...

So it's official. Complete with what you can do to help facilitate this. Joie and Jim are coming to Singapore. Next May. Better start getting ready for us. :)

P.S. the cats will be fine. Jim's Dad's agreed to take care of them. They like Jim's Dad.

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