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Something about a Music Meme? 

So Lisa has invited me to do a music meme. I have no idea what that is, but I'm going to try my darndest, because that's just how I am. Also, I've been rooting around for a good reason to not be studying neurobiology. This might not be a good reason, but it's reason enough right now.

Total volume of music files on my computer:
10.5GB. Wow, I had no idea I had that much music on my computer. I guess it doesn't really all count as music though, because I have a good many "spoken word" downloads. Like all five Harry Potters, which should take up quite a bit of room all by themselves. I also have BBC radio plays (Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Lord of the Rings, Brave New World, Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe...) and BBC documentaries. Jim downloads most of the music and I just listen to it. That is, when I'm not listening to one of the Harry Potters. Which means not often. I just don't have a music player program that I'm comfortable enough with to create playlists and the like, alright?

The last CD I bought was:
A hell of a long time ago....I guess that isn't really an answer is it? The last CD I bought was as a gift to Jim, which was the Beatles Blue album. I'm pretty sure that I got it for his 19th birthday...and he just turned 22. The last CD I bought for myself was...damn. I can't even remember the name of the band. But basically I bought it at Canada day with Lisa (not on her last visit, but the one before that. Yeah a really long time ago). It was by one of the performing bands and they were Irishy and played songs that they wrote about Canada. Catchy and amusing, but I have no idea where the CD is now and can't even look them up because I can't remember what their name is. Maybe Lisa can help. Afterall, she started this. I guess to be fair, the last CD I would have bought/downloaded if I had gotten my act together would either be something by the Be Good Tanyas or one of the Savage Garden (yes, I still like them) albums. In fact, now you guys out there know what to get me for gifts. Ha.

Song playing right now
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is what's playing right now. Jim Dale's reading just provides the right amount of background for what I'm doing. I don't have to pay attention to it and it's over 26 hours long, which means that I don't have to toggle with song lists or anything for a good 26 hours. If there was to be something playing right now though it'd either be by the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel or the Barenaked Ladies. Maybe something by Leonard Cohen, but for some reason I always have a hard time locating his files on this computer.

Five Songs I listen to alot or mean alot to me
1. Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening
I know this is a poem by Robert Frost, but it was arranged for a girl's choir. I used to have a poor recording of it on mp3, but I don't anymore. I wish I had some recording of this. This was the song that every generation of RGS choir learns. It's very soothing and sparkly. I like it.

2. Feeling Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel
It's upbeat, it's short and it medleys well with "Here comes the Sun" by the Beatles. Another uplifting song. I had to decide between listing one or the other because really, they are in the same category and I always play them together. Oh well, I guess I listed them both and cheated by putting them under one heading. Nice.

3. Love You Madly by Cake
This is the requisite "Jim and me" song. We used to dance to this song in his living room before we moved in together. This was when we didn't have a TV so we danced for entertainment. I keep saying that we should do this again, but we have no way to play music in our living room. Either way, it's not a sappy mushy song, and the beat is moderate, which means you're not exhausted after dancing to it. I like it and it sums up how Jim and I feel about each other rather nicely. :)

4. Time of Your Life by Greenday
Whenever I hear this song I think about my time in sec 3 and 4. Arguably one of the best times in my life. I say arguably because now that I'm out on my own and autonomous it feels great. But if I had to pick a time in my life to go back to, there would be no question that it would be this time period. The lyrics and everything seem to evoke such sentimental memories, but it's more the fact that this was the overplayed song at the time. I'm just thankful that the song I became attached to for this reason was not "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. It was equally overplayed at the time...Then again, I have much better taste than that.

5. Where is the Love by Black Eyed Peas
Yeah don't worry. I'm surprised by this entry too. I like this one because it's comforting. Wait, just let me explain alright? To explain this you have to understand that there are two main ways of dealing with stress. (1)Emotion-based coping, (2)Situation based coping. Or something like that. The point is that the first method involves dealing with the stress response and the second involves dealing with whatever is causing the stress. The second method is the more effective method in all cases except those cases in which there is nothing the individual can do to affect the stressful situation. Like if you live near Chernobyl. In cases like this, then the first method is more effective, because you're not fighting a losing battle and you are dealing with the stress response. So back to "Where is the Love". This is the best "Emotion-based coping" song to today's biggest social problems. I can't do anything while I'm on the bus to school to affect hunger in Africa, the war in Iraq or the abuse of children in foster homes. But I can sing along to the chorus of "Father, father, father help us/with some guidance from above..." and it makes me feel a little better about the world.

Five people to whom I'm passing the baton:
1. Jiahui
2. Joel
3. Joshua
4. Puja
5. Tammy

That's in alphabetical order right? Alphabetical order took me longer than it should've to figure out. Bloody, my brain cells are being fried. Oh wait, I really should be studying about brain cells. Alright guys, so that's my music meme. Knock yourselves out.

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