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It's a grey and rainy day out today. I've got swollen tonsils and an achy body.'s been down since this morning. Even though I can still type and read, I don't want to do this assignment that's due in the coming week. The sock I was trying to make for Jim has just self-destructed. I wish this were an April Fool's day joke. It's not.

However, I did have a great idea for a joke, before I decided that it was too mean-spirited. Jim went to work today (overtime, to save up for our vacation this summer, which I have noticed that NO ONE has contributed to AT ALL and the "Donate" button has be up for MORE THAN A YEAR NOW *ahem*) and I figured that I would call him later in the day and tell him that I started feeling really bad and so decided to go to a doctor's. Then tell him that I'm pregnant. I decided against it though. Besides the fact that I'm on the Pill (yes you have a 0.1% chance of getting pregnant on the pill and it does happen) we've been drinking like fish. All bad things to do if you really are pregnant.

Then I thought that I might call Brian and say that I'm pregnant and I have no idea how to tell Jim. I decided that that would be worse. Besides, if Jim fainted, there would be people at work who could respond to it. If Brian passed out, I doubt his cat would have been able to call 911.

I wish there were more April Fool's Day jokes that weren't mean in some way or another. Sometimes you just want to prank someone without making them feel terrible. Then again, I guess most of the "funny" comes from how badly the person is taken in by the gag and their reaction. I don't really subscribe to that kind of "funny". I mean I really don't find those fake lottery tickets funny at all. I think they're horrible and if anyone ever tried to pull that one on me I'll make sure you pay that amount through an eBay auction of your (or your boyfriend's) balls. If you're lesbian or a single female, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Apart from feeling absolutely miserable I haven't been up to that much, unless you count backdating blog entries so that it looks like I've been blogging consistently through the month. I wonder if anyone else does that. Oh, this also means that if you see a new post, you should scroll down to the post before that to see if it's new too. If I write two posts in one day, I'll push one back a week (you can tell if they both have the same time stamp) just so that it doesn't look like I'm cramming all my posts up into one session. Everyone wants to look good in the eyes of history. Don't look at me like that.

Speaking of looking. I was on Yunxin/Kerri's blog and she had this post about a website that would take your pictures and compare it with other famous faces. Using the picture in my 3rd Anniversary post, Jim looks like Nicole Kidman and I look like Chow Yun Fat. Uhh, thanks ah. Other pictures of mine turn up Sammo Hung, Bill Gates and Kim Jong Il. I like to think that this is due to the fact that the face recognition algorithm needs to be improved, not because I'm incredibly unphotogenic. To be fair though, I've also got hits as Zhang Ziyi and Rachel Weisz - one of Jim's hits was Brad Pitt, although another was Ellen Degeneres.

Man the things you can do when you have time on your hands. I'm warning you - you really can end up uploading every single picture you have on your computer just hoping and praying that for that one magic picture where your top match is someone attractive. Considering everything, that could take a long time. Ha.

At any rate, I'm going to return to lying in bed (not that I'm not already) and stoning at the TV. I'm watching the Food Network right now, and I know I'm sick because nothing looks tempting, tasty or inspiring. Bah humbug.

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